Today I would like to introduce to you some new features, that we are currently working on. But before we start, let me summarize what we have developed so far:

  • Layout system
  • PBR Material support (including metalness, roughness and emission)
  • Material palettes, including history palettes (allowing to switch back to previously used materials)
  • Customizable toolbox
  • PhotoVoxel file format
  • Basic drawing tool system
  • And many, many small features, that should make your work easier
PhotoVoxel – Asset creation process

Voxel selection and transformations

As I mentioned above, there are some new features, that are being developed right now. Namely, we created a selection mode, that allows selecting some volume inside a voxel object – then you can do some nice stuff with this. For example, move the selected volume of voxels, rotate it, or scale it. Of course, there are also scene transformations, which transform object position, rotation, and scale in terms of scene hierarchy. But you could always use these voxel transforms which allows you to work with the shape of the object itself.

Here are some gifs, that previewing the select & transform feature:

Selection transform (rotate)

Some small improvements are also in progress:

  • Uniform scaling
  • Exclude empty space (you can enable / disable this, which resulting by not taking into account empty space of selection while transforming)
  • Rotation snapping

As you can see, in Photo Voxel we introduce selection mode and transform selected volume (voxels or selection itself), which we think will be very useful in the asset creation process.

Hope you enjoy this post, and see you soon!

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