Work on PhotoVoxel began in 2020, but its earlier incarnation dates back to 2014. PhotoVoxel’s predecessor was called PVE “Psycho Voxel Editor” and it was designed for Voxelfield, the game we were working on at the time.

Due to very little resources, we needed a tool that would facilitate the creation of a large amount of Voxel content in a short time.

It may seem that such simplified graphics will be very easy to make compared to traditional 3D graphics,however it turns out that creating Voxel game-assets in a standard way is very time-consuming, requires good modeling and texturing skills and even then optimizing it is a nightmare and takes ages.

Because most of the painstaking work can be done by an algorithm, and we didn’t have enough skilled 3D artists, we decided to create a tool and use our talented painters to do this job instead.

Here’s what came out

And is it enough? the answer is no!

Technology has moved on.

In the meantime, newer, shinier ways to render emerge and PVE has become obsolete.