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We released a new Beta version of PhotoVoxel, v0.1.1, and we added new release notes:

  • Technical improvements (we fixed crashes, bugs, we reduced the consumption of GPU, improved stability and we fixed little imperfections)
  • Added settings of the world object, to manipulate enviro map properties (you can rotate your enviro map in properties of the world, you can also change the intensity of the lighting generated by the enviro map)
  • Mouse can rotate the enviro map in the viewport (alt + RMB)
  • Customizable viewport background-color
  • Screenshots and animated gifs from the editor. You can go to the viewport menu and use the command “Special -> Make animated Gif” or “Special -> Take screenshot” in order to generate artwork (like this animated illustration at the top of the post).
  • Stamp tool new properties (source voxel object offsets x,y,z). Previously, the stamp tool only supported the scale of the source object plotted on the target object – now, it is also possible to set an offset, meaning the source objects shift in all axes.
  • Added hints when drawing shapes (about coordinates). Now at the bottom bar of the editor, while making your work with its tools, you will be able to see hints showing you your voxel coordinates, your cursor position and the size of your object.
  • Screen-space paint brush tool now can use other voxel objects as a source of painting.In other words it allows texture-based painting, you can use your screen-space brush to paint the textures, which PhotoVoxel will create from a different angle of the scene which can also be an earlier imported 2D picture.
  • Timelapse-making feature (saves screenshot every n-th second). You can now create timelapse that can be find in the editor preferences (File -> Preferences -> General Settings -> Time Lapse Mode), next at the top of the editor you will see a visible word [REC] which will mean that PhotoVoxel is saving screenshots of your main tab/window every n second. The saved screenshots from the time lapse can be opened and viewed by the help of clicking on the menu bar then going to “Help -> Show Time lapse”.
  • Trim to container option added (sometimes voxels may “stick out” of the object container, so we added a helpful option, which cuts out all of the not needed voxels sticking out. You can do this by simply going to the menu and then “Voxel -> Trim voxels to container”)

You can now download the new PhotoVoxel v0.1.1 at itch,io :


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